Singing with the Saints


From childhood, the gospel presented in hymns has been an island of refuge during the tumultuous times in my life. By making them a part of most of our homeschool days growing up, my mother tuned my heart to love hymns and in turn gave me the priceless treasure of having their Biblical truths engraved there. Hymns were the earliest way I came to learn of Christ and a way that I believe all families should have the means to do the same. This is why I’m convinced it was laid on my heart to create Singing with the Saints with it’s videos and other simple and easy family resources. To that end, my hope is to support other parents in giving their children the gift of knowing Christ more deeply through the music of hymns in both a profound and practical way.

If you too have a desire to share the catechism of hymns with your children you can find our resources for learning specific hymns by browsing the following collections:


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