Official Fatima Centennial Hymn

Teacher of the Announcement, Prophecy of Love

Portuguese Text: Marco Daniel Duarte, 2011

Tune: José Joaquim Ribeiro, 2011

English Text: Genie Shaw, 2017



She the chosen field of the Spirit
Gave her fiat to the herald she heard
With the angel we say, “Hail full of grace,
The servant and messenger of the Word.”
Welcomed by all generations
Happy among women and ever blessed
Praise be to the fruit of thy womb
Guardian and mother of the Eucharist


Ave o clemens, Ave o pia
Salve Regina Rosarii Fatimae!
Ave o clemens, Ave o pia
Ave o dulcis Virgo Maria.


“Teacher of the Announcement, Prophecy of Love” sung in English


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 Original Sheet Music:

“Mestra do Anúncio, Profecia do Amor”


Original Hymn