Liturgical Living Consultations

Do you want your family to live following the Church year but are overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing and planning your busy family’s celebrations and pious practices?

It would be my honor to schedule a phone consultation with you for Liturgical Direction to help you come up with a solution that fits YOUR family’s budget, members, and schedule. During this time I can walk with you through:

  • Planning your family’s liturgical year and the individual feast and fasts therein  

  • Shaping the daily liturgies of your domestic monastery

  • Incorporating sacred music into your home

  • Incorporating indulgences into your family’s pious practices

  • Or any other specific concerns and questions you may have.

For scheduling, please use the contact form below.

Liturgical Living is one of my favorite subjects and it would give me great joy to help your family get off to a stress-free and successful start.

~Genie Shaw