An Invitation for Homeschool Moms with Littles…



In the middle of March I had the privilege of attending the Great Homeschool Conference in Fort Worth. It was my second time participating in the festivities, but the first time bringing one of my babies, our 7 month old son, with me. I purposefully planned to hear less speakers than the previous year, and got to volunteer at the Homeschool Help Desk booth and field questions from fellow parents. (It was lovely meeting you all!) While there, though, I can’t tell you how many times I was asked about homeschooling with a baby in the mix. And this is when it dawned on me: us homeschooling moms also raising rambunctious pre-school aged children need a special kind of support. 

Last year, before my youngest was born in August, I did a short series (free Ecourse) on babyproofing your homeschool before the arrival of a new baby. We hit my major areas of prepping and then move on to other things once Joe Joe was born. Many of these ideas were applicable far beyond the newborn days, and since then I have been adding, learning, and tweaking as we’ve gone along this school year.

But, I realized for most of us this was not enough! We need encouragement and support from our fellow moms also living in this joyfully chaotic season. We need the wisdom of our collective experience. So, if your homeschooling reality is a new baby on the way, or wrangling an infant or toddler while trying to read aloud and help your son with his times tables, then I heartily invite you to join us at the new Babyproof Your Homeschool private Facebook group. Here you will find encouragement, fellowship, a safe place to ask questions and troubleshoot issues, and the invaluable resource of the other mom members battling alongside you in the same trench of homeschooling with littles.

To kick off the group we will be starting a 6 Week Challenge next Monday (4/2) to help us all concur survival mode in our homeschools. For this video based challenge, each week will focus on a different topic facing homeschool moms that also have children ages birth 5-years and include practical, actionable steps we can implement immediately. Please join us and share the insights of your journey. We all have some knowledge worth passing on to our struggling sisters. If you know any other moms fighting the dragons of homeschooling with littles please share this post with them or the link to our group here:

I’ve already been asked about it so, for those moms not on Facebook, if you would like to participate in our 6 Week Challenge just sign up below and I will add you to the list for the email version.





One thought on “An Invitation for Homeschool Moms with Littles…

  1. Thank you for this, Genie! It’s always great to hear how other moms deal with the issues that come up in our own lives. My rambunctious almost 2-year-old definitely throws a monkey wrench into our school days (I have one in kindergarten and one in 2. grade, so they still need one-in-one time with me most of the time.) I am still learning to walk the fine line between having a successful school day and being relaxed enough to go with the flow. I have noticed that whenever I succeed at this, everyone is happier. It’s almost an art form. I definitely need God’s grace to help me with it!

    I’m looking forward to your next hymn study as well! My kids loved “At the name of Jesus!”

    God bless!


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