Babyproof Your Homeschool {Week 4}


Week 4 – Baby Bric-a-brac

Week 4! I can’t believe we are here at the end of our eCourse. Thank you to everyone who took the time to work through this prep voyage with us! I have been so encouraged and blessed by all the feedback and wisdom shared in our Facebook group and pray this course has been a benefit to your family too.

If you are still working through the projects of each week or just now finding this course that is perfectly fine! You can refer back to the previous weeks all at the bottom of the Overview post here. If you want to share your progress with us over on Instagram, don’t forget to use the hashtag #babyproofyourhomeschool so we can see it.

Readying All The Baby Bric-a-brac

This week we will devote ourselves to the final preparations for baby’s arrival – locating and putting out all the everyday items that we will be using: clothes, swaddles, feeding supplies, etc. This is also when I complete gathering things for a hospital bag and complete any other priority projects that have been hanging over head. Because we never know when baby will decide to make his appearance, my intention is to make the last month or so of pregnancy as stress-free as possible by simply maintaining the systems previously set-up. In my experience, labor has been longer when I was worrying about the things undone and left waiting for me at home instead of just focusing on getting baby earth-side. Lastly, an enjoyable, memory-filled, worry-free time with your new squishy baby is what I pray for us all. The tasks on my final countdown include:

  • Get out all the stored or new baby clothes and linens, wash them, and put them away in their new home. Set aside baby’s first outfit during this time. For stubborn old stains I do an overnight soak with OxiClean then put the clothes out in the sun to dry.

  • While washing all the baby things, write down your laundry routine using the provided worksheet, in case you are blessed with help in that department. Post in a prominent place near your wash area.

  • Pack your hospital bag and put it in the car you will be taking.

  • Put a trash bag or dollar store shower curtain and a couple towels in the car as well, should your water break.

  • Place another dollar store shower curtain under your bedsheets to protect the mattress.

  • Put the final touches on you baby’s room or sleeping area.

  • If you will be using bottles, clean all the parts and arrange an easily accessible storage area for them. This may require clearing counter or cabinet space and relocating less often used items.

  • Like you did in your homeschool area, make little stations for baby gear like diapers and wipes at convenient places where you will be spending most of your time. Next to where baby will sleep or be fed are a couple to start with. The basket near my mama-bear chair for feedings also has other things I might need while nursing like water bottles, a bag of trail mix or granola, and a book. Tailor these stations to your personal tastes and preferences.

I can’t thank you enough for joining us for this eCourse! In the next week I will be sending out a super brief survey for participants to gather your honest thoughts. Those who complete the survey will be entered into a little give away. More details to come…

Finally, if you have any prayer requests you would like me to offer up for you during labor, please put them in the comments below or email me via the contact page above. It would be my pleasure to pray for your intentions!


Worksheet for Week 4:

(just click on the photo to download)



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