A 12 Days of Christmas Introduction to Instruments

Merry Christmas, y’all!!

To celebrate the twelve days of Christmastide leading up to the arrival of the Magi on Epiphany, I’ve compiled the short piece list below. For each day there is a carol that features a specific instrument for your family to become more familiar with, in hopes that eventually its unique timbre (sound quality) will be recognizable in other settings. The pieces are also organized into the four instrument families: percussion, brass, woodwinds, and strings. Within these instrument families, some instruments share a similar timbre but are differentiated by the contrasting registers (span of notes or pitches) in which they play. For example in the list below, the violin is at the top range of the string instruments while the double bass buffers the lower.

I pray that your family enjoys his fun little collection, and that your new year is filled with the gift of music!




A 12 Days of Christmas Introduction to Instruments


Percussion Family:








Woodwinds Family:











Brass Family:









Strings Family:








Double Bass



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