Happy Burns Day!!

Today marks the 257th birthday of the Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns. In lieu of the traditional haggis and scotch for Burns Dinners, our family is devoting this afternoon’s Concert Hour to him instead.

Most are familiar with his piece “Auld Lang Syne” often sung on New Year’s Eve, but that is only one of his extensive musical trove. We use several of Burns’ ballads as lullabies and his lively historical Jacobite folk songs for impromptu dance parties. These are a few of our favorites performed by Karen Matheson and The Corries:

“My Love is Like a Red Red Rose” has long been a naptime lullaby in our home. It has had an added special significance in our home since we lost our son, Aelred, in 2013. We played it at his funeral due to his name and would be birthday. 

“Ae Fond Kiss” is a tragic love song recounting a final parting with well wishes. 

Finally, “Ye Jacobites by Name” is one of the Chaps’ historical boogie tunes. 

Does your family commemorate Burns Day? What do y’all do?


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